Internal Audit Division

The duties and responsibilities of the Internal  Audit Division are the following:

  •  Ensures the proper implementation and respecting of laws, rules, policies, instruction and manuals as envisaged by the legislation in power;
  •  Ensures the timely preparation of the draft-strategic plan of the audit based on the risk assessment;
  •  Organizes, performs and supervises all internal audit activities and submits the results of the audit in accordance with the legislation in power;
  •  Prepares and submits quarterly and annual reports for all audit activities;
  •  Prepares and implements the quality assurance program for the internal and external assessment of the internal audit  function;
  •  Immediately reports to the senior management and to the Audit Committee for any indicator of the fraud or corruption activities, provides proposals for the improvement of the situation, and if the senior management does not undertake the proper actions, it notifies other competent authorities.


Isa Latifaj
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