Department of Strategic Health Development

The duties and responsibilities of the Department of Strategic Health Development are the following:

  • Proposes, drafts and ensures the implementation of policies/strategies for health services through the defined monitoring and evaluating system;
  •  Proposes, drafts and ensures the implementation of the legal framework for the improvement of the health care system, in accordance with international standards and norms;
  •  Plans activities for the development and strategic managing og the health sector in compliance with the financial possibilities available;
  • Provides professional advices for the implementation of the legislation and policy documents in the field of the health system;
  • Provices supports in the professional development of human resources in the health setor, including the nursery sector.
  • Provides support in the determination of the needs for the developmet of the  health infrastructure, including the facilities and medical equipment.


  • Division of Strategic Planning in Health;
  • Monitoring and Evaluating Division;
  • Division of Quality and Safety of health care services;
  • Division for Licensing and Accreditation of health institutions;
  • Infrastructure Division;
  • Division for citizens rights to health care


Dr. Xhevat Ukaj
038 – 211 – 864
038 – 200 – 24 — 013