Departamenti Ligjor

The duties and responsibilities of the Legal  Department are the following:

  • Provides support in drafting strategic documents from the scope of the ministry;
  •  Provides legal support in drafting of the primary and secondary legislation from the scope of the ministry;
  •  Ensures compliance of the scope of the ministry with the one of the European Union (Acquis Communautaire) as well as with laws applicable in Kosovo;
  •  Provides recommendations and legal advices for the structures of the Ministry at their request;
  •  Provides support to the Ministry of Justice in representation of the Ministry of Health before the Judiciary


  • Division for the Drafting and Harmonization of the Legislation;
  •  Division for the Supervision of the Implementation of the Legislation and Interinstitutional Cooperation


Fatime Aliu

038 – 212 – 115

038 – 200 –  24 – 032