Department of Health Services


The duties and responsibilities for Department of Health Services  are the following:

  •  Monitors the management quality of institutions of all levels in the health sector;
  •  Provides support in the coordination of health institutions functioning and ensures the optimal integration of health care services in all levels including emergency health care services;
  • Ensures the harmonization of public and private health services with health services provided by the government and non-government organizations;
  •  Assists in drafting of policies/strategies and the legislation dealing with health care services;
  • Monitors and reports on the health care services that are developed within the public-private partnership.
  •  Provides support in the professional development and human resources in the nursery sector.


  •  Primary Health Care Division;
  •  Secondary and Tertiary Health Care Division;
  •  Mental Health Division;
  •  Division for Mother and Child health;
  •  Nursery Division;
  •  Division for special health care services;



Dr. Xhevat Ukaj

Contact :

038 – 212 – 222

038 – 200 – 24 – 039